Messages - monitoring & alerting

Discussion created by ChrisReece609782 on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Wolfgang_Brueckler_1288
Hi all,

Our current alerting framework is controlled by either the post-conditions of jobs, or using MRT's.

We are yet to find a way of alerting out based on messages in the message window.

Because of this, we are missing vital errors from the messages that never get looked at.

Has anyone found a way of effectively alerting based on messages?

Ideally we would like to alert on all messages types sent to the messages log, and then keep a separate list of "don't alert for this particular message type" elsewhere.

By doing this, any new message types that we have never seen before will be alerted on. (we can then add to the list if necessary).

We are using V9, would prefer to stay away from SQL if possible. I'm hoping there is an out the box feature capable of performing this task.