Setting Status other than ENDED_OK

Discussion created by Thomas_Burns_1296 on Feb 5, 2015
I  have a Workflow that has a  "Result evaluation per single task" definition  of OK Status =  ANY_OK.   Within a Workflow Job I want  the  post process  to set a condition  (Modify_State)  so that downstream  dependencies will skip.  I  have set the downstream Task dependencies  Status definition to ENDED_OK else Skip.

How would  I  change the Status  so the dependency will skip but also prevent the  Workflow from kicking off the ELSE execution of the "Result evaluation per single task" ?

The Modify_State in the post process forces the  Task Status to "ENDED_NOT_OK - aborted" kicking off the ELSE execution of the "Result evaluation per single task"

Adjusting the task Runtime definition for END_OK   prevents to  Workflow "Result evaluation per single task" but then voids the  downstream  dependency constraint.

Any suggestions.  I feel I am missing something really basic.  I'd like not to have to add  scripting and variable  conditions to every workflow  job task.