Finding Job Objects for all activities and listing their JD Edwards Specific Queues

Discussion created by Nimish_Prabhu_1910 on Feb 13, 2015
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Hi Friends
We have JD Edwards agent installed on our system.
We have configured numerous job objects for JD Edwards and we have scheduled them using "Execute Recurring".
These have created recurring activities in activities window.
JD Edwards job has details such as "Report" "Version" "JD Edwards Queue" "Environment" "JD Edwards Login Override"
We have been asked to provide details about jobs running in JD Edwards Queue.
Can you please help us over how to extract these details from recurring activities?
I believe this can be achieved from scripting, but I am not sure how to proceed for obtaining desired output.
What I am trying to do is:
FETCH all active activities
FOREACH activity FIND the corresponding job object
In that job object find the JD Edwards Queue value
PRINT Activity name, job object name, report, version, JD Edwards queue.
Any help is highly appreciated. :)
Thanks & Regards
Nimish Prabhu