How to execute a job more than the once post-conditions else allows

Discussion created by IanFindon611036 on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by AlainMoisy
New to AE - I have a job that I want to restart if it gives other than an OK return code - 
The actual job is dependent on a file being there - its usually there @ 0900 when the job is scheduled to start but as it is user driven it is sometimes late so the job fails - I have used the post condition tab in the task properties to restart the task after 15 minutes on anything but an OK status. - this is OK but it allows only a single restart or a continuous cycle.
The business wants a 2nd retry after a further 15 minutes before the job abends and generates the automated alerts for the failure.
We are trying to get the basic functionality to do most of our batch scheduling needs - we do not want to complicate things by using scripts.
Has anyone got any idea's on how I can do this.