Holding scheduled workflow/job objects

Discussion created by IanFindon611036 on Mar 4, 2015
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We are in the final phase of migrating workflows/jobs from our current batch scheduler "TWS" in to AE.

There are some current workflows where we are regularly requested by the Business to put them on hold/delay them for a period of time(hrs)

In TWS this is easy - in today's PLAN(schedule) we can select a "HOLD" option from a drop down menu against - to activate them again we can "RELEASE" from the drop down and they will start to process - if the scheduled time has elapsed they will execute immediately.

Although I have set up some test scenarios in our AE test client I haven't been able to identify a way of simulating this - which is to my(our) mind is such a basic scheduling requirement\function.

Can anyone help me out here - Thanks in advance.