Seeking a generic approach to send JMS messages when a workflow started, not started, and/or ended

Discussion created by TomoshiMorita608550 on Mar 18, 2015
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I'm looking for a generic approach to send a JMS message when a workflow is started, and complete.  By generic approach, I mean I'd like to avoid having to modify every one of the existing 1,000+ workflows to add the jobs, after Start and before End.   I'm also looking for a way to send a message when a scheduled workflow is not started due to the calendar definition (e.g. the workflow does not run due to US holiday).  It is not possible to detect the inactivity within the workflow itself. The messages will be consumed by the parties in our organisztion who are interested in knowing the status of the workflows. 

The closest solution I've come up with is running a Time Event object to check the log of the Schedule object(s) every 60 seconds.  The log gets updated whenever a workflow starts, becomes active, not activated, or ends.  The Time Event object keeps track the last line number of the log that have read, and reads the new lines if any.  Then it will parse the log entry, compose an XML message based on the job status, and post it through the RA JMS agent. 

I'm wondering if anybody out there came up with alternative solutions.  Does UC4 API provide such a functionality? I'm using ONE Automation 2013 (v9).

Open to any suggestions.