Found a bug in the "notifications" objects.

Discussion created by Adrian_Weber_565 on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by Didier_Hoarau_1856
I recently found what I'm assuming is a bug in NOTIFICATION objects.
I was re-using a notification, and wanted to change the RECIPIENTS list.  Initially, I removed all of the recipients, and just put in my own e-mail address.  When I tested the notification, the only e-mail address/distribution list that was altered was the FIRST one in the list of the recipients.  All other addressees were still on the recipients page.
I found that the only way to effectively remove all of the recipients from the NOTIFICATION was to delete each one at a time, save the change, exit the notification, and then get back INTO the notification to see that your change had been taken. Removing multiple recipients and THEN saving the changes did not work.
(These are the "mail" notifications, BTW.  So far, I haven't used any others.)