Monitor & Cancel Long-running SAP job

Discussion created by Bademo on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by SimoneMartineschen607563
We have AE9 and we use it a lot for releasing scheduled jobs in SAP (R3_ACTIVATE_JOBS) but I'm finding the documentation a little sparse on what to do with some of the other options.

We are using a real-time indexing feature in SAP called TREX, and sometimes the jobs run very long and hang up the system. We'd like to monitor the jobs in SAP and at least send out an alert to a human if the indexing job has exceeded a certain duration. However, I've never used any of the Monitoring features in the SAP job objects (if that's even the right thing to be looking at). Someone else mentioned using Job Interception.

Is anyone else using SAP job monitoring, or cancelling jobs in SAP, or using job interception, or anything like that? It looks like AE has tons of functionality that we're just not using. Any examples or tips would be appreciated.