Anyone run into this issue before?

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Hi All,

After installing the service manager and windows agent to a group of servers, I went to start the agent manually and it wouldn't start up. I checked the log for it and it's saying

"20150520/095751.601 - U0022007 Process 'WINDOWS' (ID '4940') successfully started.
20150520/095751.679 - U0022023 No associated window can be found for process 'WINDOWS'.
20150520/095751.679 - U0022012 Process 'WINDOWS' (ID '4940') ended.
20150520/095751.679 - U0022022 Process 'WINDOWS' ended, exit code='66'."

for reference, "WINDOWS" is what I'm naming my agent. It starts the process off fine but then has some sort of issue I've never seen before (the No associate window can be found..." error and then closes the process.

So I've copied the files exactly from another server which is working (making sure to tweak the config file for the windows agent), all the directory paths are good and I've tried uninstalling the service manager, rebooting the server and re-installing the service manager/agent hasn't helped at all.

It seems like it's a windows error, but I've never seen it before, wondering if anyone here has?