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Reoccurring prompt set based on values in a vara.

Discussion created by Jim Griffith on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by Jennifer_Jinhong_34
I've built a process that allows my night time associates to enter failure and resolution information for failures that occur at night that will then be reported on the next morning. This process pulls all of the failures from the DB from 17:00 that day, or previous day, to the current date/time and loads it into a vara. The next job activates a prompt set for the users to select a failure from a drop down, and enter the cause of the failure, resolution, and what team it belongs to. The information about the failure is then stored into another set of varas. The prompt set uses a MULTI vara to be able to select a failure from the failures pulled from the DB that doesn't match what's in one of the varas where previously entered failures are stored. Each time the prompt set appears, you select one failure from the drop down, then enter the necessary information. I have an option in the prompt set that asks if the user wants to enter more failures. If it's set to Y, the process PSETs that value. If the Post Conditions of the job sees this value as Y, the job is restarted which launches the prompt set again for the next failure. 

Now for the problem....

It takes up to 10 - 15 seconds for this job to restart and activate the promptset again. While that might not seem like much, when a lot of stuff is happening and you have 20 failures you need to enter information for, this can feel like a lifetime. So....any one have any ideas how to do this differently that could be quicker? 

I have tried putting multiple prompt sets in the same object but if I put 10 of them in there and they only want to enter 2 failures, the remaining 8 error out. 

Thanks for any and all help!