Details on changing AE/OM objects using api calls

Discussion created by PatrickHiggins607207 on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by Mark_Hadler_430
I am working on a standardization project and will be changing object names (mostly JOBS, JOBF, JOBP, EVNT, VARA), and other attributes on several thousand objects.    Some objects will only have 50 or so instances to change - those I will do in the GUI.   Others have 2-5k occurences and we would prefer to make the changes programatically.    

The command line api material is focused on stop/start behavior rather than object definition.   Can anyone direct me to the correct documentation (or code samples) for doing changes like:   Change the Agent for many jobs from a specific Agent/Host to a AgentGroup/HostGroup.  Change the AutoDeact job attribute from J to A for all active jobs.   Change file locations in JOBS, VARA's or scripts from using local windows paths to using DFS style paths.   There are other aspects as well - I want to learn HOW to change most of the Automic object attributes from either a command line or Oracle SQL call.