Get own object type (including platform / subtype)

Discussion created by joel_wiesmann_automic on Jul 15, 2015
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Hi there

I'd like to add a case statement to the default include of all jobs to source additional includes based on the object type. There is an internal variable (introduced with v9 or v10) named &$OBJECT_TYPE#, however in case of a JOBS_UNIX, the variable resolves to "JOBS" only. The object type is also encoded in the object's name, but I don't think this is a sustainable way to get this information.

Alternatively I tried to use GET_ATT on the attribute "UNIX_SHELL" with the hope, that it might return empty in case of a JOBS_WINDOWS object - bad luck, it goes for FAULT_OTHER and completely aborts the run... GET_STATISTIC_DETAIL fails as well, there's a feature to show the host-type of a source & destination agent in case of a filetransfer object, however none to show the hosttype of JOBS.