Negative Runtime - Back to the Future!

Discussion created by Mark_Hadler_430 on Jul 21, 2015
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Has anyone experienced this? 

We are on V8 and have just started noticing that child-tasks from a Time Event end before they start and thus display a negative Runtime .  The logic in the ! Process tab just checks to see if a Schedule object is active and if not sends a notification.  

This has and continues to execute properly since it was deployed in April.  I don't know if this behavior is recent as we do not have statistics further back that the last two weeks and it is too big a hassle to look in the archived statistics.  It is just that we have never seen this type of statistic previously for any task and we have many that execute quickly, i.e. less than one second.

I realize that V8 is no longer supported and it is really a question of curiosity; as they say "inquiring minds want to know".

Thanks, Mark