Deleting Objects in Separate Clients

Discussion created by Spencer_Cockrell_39 on Jul 23, 2015
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We've had some questions regarding removing objects in one Client (for example, Client 0050) from a different Client (such as Client 0100). While this isn't inherent functionality to the product as of yet, we do have a *non-supported* solution. This should be used very carefully, but the jar.txt file attached will do just that:


1-     Copy both attached files anywhere

2-     Rename the DeleteObjects.jar.txt file to DeleteObjects.jar

3-     Rename the connection.config.txt file to connection.config

4-    Open the connection.config file and set it to your environment

5-     Run the java command as follows:


Java –jar DeleteObjects.jar –H [AE Host or IP] –P [CP Port] –C [Client]–L [AE Login] –D [Dept] –W [Password] –name “OBJECT.NAME.*”


Note 1: that in the command above, the below parametersare not mandatory (if they are provided in the connection.config file of course):

–H [AE Host or IP] –P [CP Port] –C [Client]–L [AE Login] –D [Dept] –W [Password]

Note 2: the "name" parameteris mandatory and it takes either a full object name, or the ‘*’ can also be used: this should be used VERY carefully because it could potentially wipe out a lot / all objects:

–name “OBJECT.NAME.*”

Here is a screenshot provided as an example in a test environment:


This binary is part of a larger set of binaries that provide a command line for AE (our colleague created them with the existing Java API, it should work on AE v9, 10 and 11).