Setting up the DB Service Agent

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We are setting up the DB Service Agent to implement some Dynamic SQL Variables.  The Agent is installed on the Server Host, the Server INI is configured and the Server is restarted. But the Dynamic Variable didn't work and complained that the DB Service Agent was not yet up.
I again went through the Documentation for Installation and found the -service parameter is to be added.  However before I make this change i want clarify - should we map the AE INI File (ucsrv.ini) for the DB Service Agent or the agent INI file (ucxjsqlx.ini)  - in the Documentation it say Automation Engine's INI file.  I guess this is wrong - it should be Agent's INI file.  Please confirm.

                6.Starting the Agent
  • Server computer
  • TheAE systemmust be running.
  • Host
  • In order to start the agent in the mode for Database Variables, specify the parameter -service and the path and name of the Automation Engine's INI file.
    For example:
    java -jar -Xrs -Xmx256Mucxjsqlx.jar-service -iC:\uc4\server\bin\ucsrv.in