Firefox Quick Search bookmarks for searching Automic web pages

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If you use Firefox, you may find this useful. I have created several Quick Search bookmarks and assigned them keywords so that I can quickly perform searches directly from the address bar. For example, if I want to search the Automation Engine version 12 documentation for the term “file transfer”, I simply type “ae12 file transfer” into the Firefox address bar and hit Enter. Below are some of the Quick Search bookmarks I use often.

    1. CA Support – open specific case

      Location: https://comm.support.ca.com/csupport/CaseManagement/cases/cn/%s
      Keyword: cai

      Description: Go to a specific CA Support incident/case.

    2. CA Support – general search

      Location: Unknown

      Keyword: cas

      Description: Go straight to the specified CA Support incident.

    3. CA Automic Workload Automation – knowledge base search

      Location: https://support.ca.com/us/product-information/ca-automic-workload-automation.html?d=t&language=en&type=ALL&sortby=daten&typeofcontent=Knowledge%20Base%20Articles&q=%22%s%22
      Keyword: awakb

      Description: Search the AWA knowledge base.

    4. CA Automic Release Automation – knowledge base search

      Location: https://support.ca.com/us/product-information/ca-automic-release-automation.html?d=t&language=en&type=ALL&sortby=daten&typeofcontent=Knowledge%20Base%20Articles&q=%22%s%22
      Keyword: arakb

      Description: Search the ARA knowledge base.

    5. CA Automic Dollar Univers – knowledge base search

      Location: https://support.ca.com/us/product-information/ca-automic-dollar-universe.html?d=t&language=en&type=ALL&sortby=daten&typeofcontent=Knowledge%20Base%20Articles&q=%22%s%22 
      Keyword: adukb

      Description: Search the Dollar Universe knowledge base

    6. CA Communities – general search

      Location: https://communities.ca.com/search?q=%22%s%22
      Keyword: cac
      Description: Search the CA Communities for discussion threads containing the specified keyword.
    7. Automation Engine v12.1 documentation search

      Location: https://docs.automic.com/documentation/webhelp/english/AWA/12.1/DOCU/12.1/AWA%20Guides/help.htm#search-%22%s%22
      Keyword: ae12
      Description: Search v12.1 Automic Workload Automation guides for the specified keyword.
    8. Automation Engine v12.1 messages search

      Location:  https://docs.automic.com/documentation/webhelp/english/AWA/12.1/AE/12.1/Messages/Messages.htm#search-%22%s%22
      Search v12.1 Automation Engine messages documentation for the specified keyword.
    9. Automation Engine v12.1 Java API search

      Location:  https://www.google.com/search?&q=site%3Adocs.automic.com%2Fdocumentation%2Fwebhelp%2Fenglish%2FAWA%2F12.1%2FAE%2F12.1+%22%s%22
      Search v12.1 Automation Engine Java API documentation for the specified keyword.
    10. Automation Engine v11.2 DB schema search

      Location:  https://www.google.com/search?&q=site%3Adocs.automic.com%2Fdocumentation%2Fwebhelp%2Fenglish%2FAWA%2F11.2%2FAE%2F11.2%2FDB%20Schema%2Fdb%2F_structure%2FHTML+%22%s%22
      Search v11.2 Automation Engine  DB schema documentation for the specified keyword. (The v12.1 DB schema documentation does not appear to be indexed by Google.)


A few details:

  • %s is replaced by whatever you type after the keyword.
  • %22 represents the " character, and is used in some URLs to ensure that keywords containing spaces or punctuation work more reliably.
  • The URLs use Google where native search facilities (hosted on ca.com or automic.com) do not exist.

I hope you find these useful. They save me a lot of time. Enjoy!