Anyone including part of 'Documentation' in email notification?

Discussion created by PatrickHiggins607207 on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by joel_wiesmann_automic
I would like to define a Notification to be used on job failure that includes information from the job documentation tab (AE v10).

Either the first (1000?) characters from the job documentation, or the results from a search of the documentation field.

Pretty sure this will involve some level of scripting in the process and post-process tab - any start or suggestion is appreciated.

The actual documentation is in a BLOB field in the ODOC table (this is all in Oracle 11). 
So a script could search for a link and extract it, maybe using the Oracle DBMS_LOB instr  and substr functions.  And then set an Automic variable to make that content available to the Notification object

Local internal standards  require a link to an external (non-Automic) location for detailed job documentation
-  Documentation / Docu holds a hotlink to general job documentation and detailed content only for Automic specific information.

Including the hotlink in Failure related email would allow someone to read the documentation without opening the Automic UI.

Other discussions in the Community appear to indicate that adding this type of content will require using sendmail or blat in a process/post process script.   Would prefer to use an Notification object to send the mail, and use the scripting to extract the data to pass to the script.

COmments / suggestions / or OMG, an example?