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Sysload Agent for IBM DB2

Question asked by Automic_Community_1 on Aug 14, 2015
Sysload Agent for IBM DB2

Monitoring agent for IBM DB2 database (Linux version)

Add-on for Sysload to monitor IBM DB2 UDB

Monitoring script available for Linux only

Validated on DB2 v10.5, Linux kernel 2.6

How to use :

1) Import the source kit in your own Sysload Studio     2) generate setup and resources     3) deploy your generated kits (use a an account with rights on DB2)     4) Import generated resources in Sysload Portal, Sysload Analyst Console, Sysload Management Server as needed The only custom parameter you have to provide is : Instance home Directory Path for your DB2 instance (some technical prerequisites/rights are needed for certain metrics : read to know more about)

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