Job Tabs are not displayed / User Interface

Discussion created by Thomas_Türler_2061 on Sep 4, 2015
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Hi all.

I am in the process of preparing an upgrade from Automic V8 to V10.
In order to check potential problems, I did install a new instance of AM V10 (SP4) and imported some objects.
What did surprise me was the fact, that all existing (imported) and newly created Windows and Unix Jobs show only two tabs when opened:
- Variables&Prompts
- Documentation
All other tabs are filled with content (imported ones), but must be openend explicitly by clicking the "+" sign. Even changing content and saving the object does not help, after closing / opening the object only two tabs are displayed.
An update to SP5 did not change anything.
Does anybody know this problem and how to fix it?

Thanks a lot, any hint is appreciated