v9+ - Difference betweent DB_SERVICE vs SQL Agent

Discussion created by Jennifer_Jinhong_34 on Sep 23, 2015
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The DB_Service isn't really an Agent. It's used to query a database for value(s) to use in a SQL Variables. A SQL Agents allows jobs to be ran directly against a Database. Like an update or delete statement. SQL Agents are database unique, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL. You can have one DB_Service per instance. The DB_Service Agent uses the AE's .ini file so it can automatically connect to the AE database without a Connection Object (SQLI VARA). To connect to other databases, a Connection Object will need to be created (SQL VARA). The Start command in ServiceManager Dialog entries are different because the DB_Service uses the AE's .ini to start rather than it's own. The start command tells the Agent to use the AE's .ini and to start it as a service.