Starting agents automatically

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Hi All,

I've run into an issue that I had before and I thought it had been resolved but I must have been confused and is wasn't. I'm attempting to install the agent/service manager on a bunch of servers. I've gotten very close to this but the issue I'm experiencing is that I can't figure out how to start the agents automatically (without hitting the check box on the SM utility).

Jim_Griffith_8234 pointed me in the direction of the UC4.smc file and indeed if I create an agent and manually set it to start automatically then the .smc file is modified to say

!AIT 0

But the problem is that if I copy that file to another server and modify the AGENT_NAME to reflect the new agent, it doesn't do anything. I'll restart the service and the agent starts up stopped. It doesn't really make any sense because it should just be reading in and interpreting the .SMC file but I've tested it six ways from Sunday and it doesn't want to work.

SimoneMartineschen607563 wrote this in the same thread:

"Even if they are not set to start automatically but their Smgr is up, you can use a smgr command line on a job on any other agent that is up and uses smgr, inside a looping for these 180 agents. Something like this:

ucybsmcl  -c START_PROCESS -h &computer name:&port number -n &phrase -s &service "

But ucybsmcl doesn't appear to be a valid command on any of the servers I've installed the service manager on, so I'm not entirely sure how to work with that.

Anyone got a suggestion on either this issue or perhaps another way to do it?