max. resources jobs

Discussion created by RonGates608562 on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Michael_Pirson_282

We have two automation engines running in our prod environment.  When an agent starts up it connects to one of those engines.

During the day we set the max. resources jobs setting for that agent to 0 so that nothing will run on that agent.

an hour later we bring down the engine that the agent is connected to and it fails successfully to the second automation engine and reconnects just fine... The issue is... when it reconnects it does so losing the max. resources jobs setting of 0.  It starts back up wide open allowing jobs to run on that agent which isn't what we want.  Can you set up the agent so that if if losses connectivity to one engine and reconnects to a second engine it will retain the values it was running with under the other engine? So.. can it retain the max. resources jobs setting of 0?