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Discussion created by Pete Wirfs on Oct 5, 2015
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We run this script shortly after midnight every day.  It usually takes 15 minutes to execute because we like to project quite a few days of workload;

:print "START: autoforecast request"
:set &autoforecast# = autoforecast()
:print "END:   autoforecast request"
:print "Results from autoforecast (0 = successful): &autoforecast#"

However once in a while the function gets stuck and leaves the script in a "Ready for generation" state.  Someone then has to manually unlock the autoforecast facility through the UI.  This is just an annoyance that we deal with once or twice a month.  I was wondering if anyone else had similar experiences with this function, or any advice?   I suppose we could back off on the run frequency and we could back off on the number of days we forecast....