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Increase storage space limit on 'RA' agent

Question asked by Stan_Milbrath_6353 on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Jennifer_Jinhong_34
Hello, I need to increase the storage limit size on the RA agent which is on a Windows server. This is to help prevent agent freeze-up issues we've experienced at various times the last few months. The agent is for an interface between Automic and a Web  Service server. Automic support suggested to increase the size from 256MB to 512MB. "Note that the storage limit should be set to at least 256MB (or 512MB) for starting Java agents (Databases, RA, JMX, SAP). You can specify a value for the storage limitation of Java applications by using the start parameter -XmX.  Specifying a value that is too low can cause the agent to crash. The default value depends on the Java version that is used. The Java parameter -Xrs ensures that the agent ends properly when a normal end is initiated. Automic recommends using this parameter. More detailed information is provided in the Java documentation". Does anyone know specifically where the size increase should be specified? Is it to the "ucxjcitx.ini" configuration file found in "c:\automic\Agents\WebServices\bin" directory of the Windows server where the agent lives? How should the syntax look? The "-Xmx" parameter is currently not in there. Any advice is greatly appreciated! We have AE version 10. Thanks, Stan 612-501-4159 cell