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how can I capture all spool numbers listed on SSPL tab of an SAP job to pass to another job?

Question asked by CynthiaDenning606758 on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by CynthiaDenning606758
I have an SAP job that puts out 2 spools for the 1st step. On the 'REP' tab of the job I can only see 1 of the spool numbers for the 1st step but I can see both spool numbers for step 1 on the 'SSPL' tab. I am trying to use prep_process_report to capture each spool number to pass to another job but am unable to capture the spool numbers from the 'SSPL' tab. I am very inexperienced with xml and have not been able to produce any results with many different attempts, documentation does not have any examples of how to capture info from the SSPL tab using the xml commands.  Anybody have any examples of how I might be able to capture both spool numbers?