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Definitive documentation of which variables are set, in which tasks, and in which circumstances

Question asked by Michael_Lowry on Oct 15, 2015
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I have a workflow that contains a sub-workflow. Both the parent and the child workflow have a prompt set. Some of the variables required by the prompt set on the child workflow are set in the prompt set of the parent workflow. Others are determined by UC4 scripting commands in the parent workflow, or by output from a predecessor job in the parent workflow and a subsequent PREP_PROCESS_REPORT. It has been difficult for me to determine how variables are set, and under which circumstances.

The number of ways in which objects, prompt sets, and task properties can be configured is large:
  • variable values set in objects
  • variable values set in scripts
  • default prompt set values
  • variable inheritance from parent objects
  • variable setting to parent objects
  • task properties: variable values
  • task properties: prompt set values
  • variable values set in task pre- or post-conditions
  • etc.
The number of commands related to setting variables is also large:
  • :SET
  • :RSET
  • :PSET
The number of ways in which these various things can be combined is very large indeed.

Complicating matters is the fact that the Automation Engine does not behave consistently from situation to situation or from version to version. We have observed for instance that variable resolution in one particular use case (script/object variables in the bind parameters of SQLI VARA objects) changed from version 9 to version 10, and then changed back again from version 10 to version 11. Another example follows:

Variables set with :SET statement in JOBP process tab
  • If :SET statements are not inside a :SWITCH statement, the variables are passed to child objects automatically.
  • If :SET statements ARE inside a :SWITCH statement, the variables are passed to child objectsonlyif the variables are also defined in theVariables & Promptstab of the JOBP.
(All objects have Generate at runtime enabled.)

Is there any sort of comprehensive & definitive documentation of how and when and in what situations variables on tasks are set & resolved? I would like to move away from trial-and-error, and to establish a consistent set of standards for defining objects. Thanks in advance.