Automation Engine on VMs

Discussion created by Laura_Albrechto_270 on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2015 by Jennifer_Jinhong_34
Hi.  We recently upgraded our QA system or "instance" to V10.  We immediately started seeing performance issues.  While we had no issues on V8 we realized that we probably were not sized correctly for what we do on that system so we upgraded our servers to add more CPU's and more RAM.

We are now on 2 VM's with 8 CPU cores and 24GB RAM on each server.  

On each server we have 2 CP's and 8 WP's.  Which further breaks down into 4 WP's and 4 DWP's on each server.

We're still seeing performance issues.  I"m not a hardware person and we're trying a variety of things, but is anyone else using VM's and can comment on the performance aspect?  I've been told that in some cases LESS is better and we may even be hurting ourselves by having so many CPU's, but in the HELP - we are sized pretty well.  We have on average 100 users logged in daily and a ton of people using the API to export / import in objects between clients / systems.

What I do see when we're having performance issues is the DWP's get busier so I am planning to add more DWP's and see if that helps, but just wondering if anyone has any experience with working with VM"s and can comment on how well UC4 takes advantage of additional CPU's etc.  From what the hardware guys are telling me - we're not over utilizing what we currently have so it wouldn't make sense to add more.  Even though you'd think more would help the performance issue.

Any comments are appreciated.  Thanks.