Set Objects in a Schedule to INACTIVE automatically

Discussion created by Laura_Albrechto_270 on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by Michael_Coxson_5769
Does anyone know of a way with either UC4 scripting or perhaps the Application Interface (or any other method) to inactivate objects in a schedule? We know you can go to the schedule in Monitor mode and then set an object to Inactive, but this poses a challenge in certain situations here because we may want to inactivate something that runs in 2 days and we re-execute our schedules on a daily basis.  We do this because what was happening is people would make temporary changes and not undo them.  So we just re-activate schedules daily.  Which of course means any temporary modifications are lost.  So it's very tricky sometimes to inactivate things that aren't in the immediate future. Just wondering if anyone has figure this out.  Thanks.