Inheritance of logical date

Discussion created by joel_wiesmann_automic on Oct 27, 2015
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Hi there

I'm getting nuts. I'm starting a workflow with a logical date that is a few days ago. In the report of the workflow it clearly states:

2015-10-27 12:49:14 - U0007026 'LDATE_JP' activation is processed with the logical date '20151022'.

Within the workflow, there's an EVENT_TIME object that should activate another workflow in a defined interval, passing the logical date of the LDATE_JP workflow. The within the "! Process" tab of the EVENT_TIME I'm putting this code:

:PRINT "I am running with &$LDATE_YYYYMMDD#"

And it always returns me the activation date which is today (20151027) and not the logical date. Also the SYS_LDATE function returns 20151027 instead of 20151022.

What is wrong? Why is the logical date not inherited?


P.S. the server is running on 10.0.4 build 521