Job level SNMP trap generation

Discussion created by Patrick_Higgins_6715 on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Mark_Hadler_430
We are using the SNMP Agent to send out traps on  Agent level events.   Has anyone created a way to send out SNMP traps for ALL job/task level abends?  I can add SNMP trap generation for individual jobs/notifications, but how can I send out SNMP traps for job/task activity for  the Client or AE without having to change each object definition? One brute force method would be to have a script/JOB that runs every xx period and it checks for abends that have occurred since the last iteration and sends a trap for each event.   Other ideas? Any idea on the performance impact on the AE or network?   We run 75-100k jobs/jobf/events/scripts per day in production. My preference is to send out a set of SNMP messages once per day with the totals of runs and aborts.   This could be for the Client or for each Host managed by that Client.   Detail review should be via either Automic full client or web client, not by duplicating the history via SNMP    But mgmt is asking for SNMP traps for all abends and restarts., so.......................................