OS commnad failed-> UC4 job status OK

Discussion created by Robert_Orosz_2395 on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by Wolfgang_Brueckler_75
Hello Experts,

I am trying ot monitor a Windwos/unix uc4 job .The monitoring part is easy as in prost process tab  I am checking the status of the job and if it is other than 1900 than I am sending an email.

The issue is that  on widndows or linux if  I start various commnads and some of them fail ,the actual UC4 job is still successfull with status OK_ended normaly.So it ignores the failed OS command.

How can the outcome of the OS command  used in UC4 process tab to influence the outcome of the UC4 job status so I can check the status in post-process tab if the os command failed.

If I copy a file on os level with move or mv command and if it fails then I need to have the UC4 job aslo fail.

any ideas?

Thank you all