Using Queues to Handle TimeZones

Discussion created by laura_albrecht_automic on Dec 18, 2015
Hi.  Just wondering if anyone out there has a need to run processes on multiple time zones and if anyone uses queues to address this.  At my previous company we used schedule objects with different time zones to make sure that things were running in the right time zone, but this obviously could sometimes have issues if any of the objects triggered by the schedule had calendar conditions (with no time zone object specified at the object level), etc. I was doing some reading and realized that time zone can be set at the queue level.  This would eliminate the need to have multiple clients (each running in a different time zone) and multiple schedules.  It seems like you'd be able to see everything in multiple time zones within a single client. Just wondering if anyone else is leveraging this and can confirm / deny my thoughts here.  Any comments at all about scheduling & time zones are welcome. Thanks! Laura Albrecht Baxalta