SQL Jobs

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Hi All, I'm attempting to build a SQL job that runs on the SQL agent SQL_AGENT but connects to a different server, SERVER_A, and runs a job that's stored on that server in the database, DATABASE_A.

I've tried this two different ways, one way was to, in the "Form" tab, have a user defined script and then the other way is to try just opening up the jobs per the SQL_EXECUTE_JOB command in the Form tab.

Neither of these are working, it's saying that login has failed which you would think is fairly obvious however I've made sure that the server I'm running the job on and the one it's connecting to both have my user as an administrator. I've also checked in SQL Management Studio that the user has the rights on the database. As far as I can tell everything should be linking up correctly, my question, then, is can you do this? Is it possible to run a SQL job from one server that connects to another one and runs a script on it remotely.

Thanks, Bertie