Best Practices for New Automic Implementations

Discussion created by laura_albrecht_automic on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by Pete Wirfs
I am currently in the process of building out new Automic systems - Development, Test and Production and have lots of ideas on how best to create these systems with all I've learned about Automic over the past x years.  But I'd love to hear the pros / cons of my ideas as well as any other Lessons Learned out there.  Imagine you could start all over..... what would you do differently?  Let me know your pain points - perhaps I can avoid them.  :smile: One main goal I have is to limit the changes (ideally eliminate entirely) needed to move objects from one system (Development) to another (Production).  This  means implementing policies / standards like: - Agent Names either need to be set dynamically via PUT_ATT (and pulled from an Include so no hard coding) or use Agent Groups to keep agent names the same between environments. - Login objects either need to be set dynamically via PUT_ATT (and pulled from an Include so no hard coding) or keep the login object names the same between environments. - Any environment specific information is stored in an include vs. hard coding in individual objects.  Any other ideas out there?  If for some reason, I cannot eliminate all changes between the environments any suggestions on the best way to handle that?  Was thinking Transport Case (vs. Export/Import) since that maintains the folder structure.  And I believe the DB Change Utility allows you to edit the Transport Case file although I have limited knowledge there.  Folder structure would be exactly the same between the environments. Was planning on having a strong object naming convention and got lots of tips reading through the Community posts. I think I plan to use Queues for each application / time zone to address time zone issues, but am waiting for my Development system so I can confirm this will work the way I envision.  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks in advance! Laura Albrecht