Strange permissions problem- can't use include from different folder?

Discussion created by Ezekiel_Gable_1177 on Jan 5, 2016
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Hello all,

I've got a problem that has us stumped. I figure must be down to some sort of permissions or access restrictions but I can't quite figure out how to go about resolving it and I wondered if any of you may know where to look.  

So real quick, here is the set up: In order to track times in an outside SQL database, we have constructed some generic jobs for reporting start points and end points of a batch. We put these in a workflow alongside the actual jobs that signal the beginning or end of batch from a users perspective, so that we can better track their uptime. 

In order to keep things as generic as possible, the jobs themselves make liberal use of variables and rely on the plans they inhabit to populate those variables with information that is valid about that specific run, such as product and client. Because our product teams already use generic architecture, we were able to get this information by piggybacking on to the includes they already use to set up batch for each client.

We have done this successfully for multiple products but when we started integrating the include from the latest product, the jobs ended with a "FAULT_OTHER- Start Impossible. Other error." The most information we can get on this, trying to dig into details is that the error code is E0000009, which it says is "Access Denied- insufficient rights to proceed this action." Interestingly, it doesn’t fail just when it runs something specific for the new product, but indeed when it runs in any product. The mere act of invoking this include causes it to fail. When we comment it out, the problem goes aw

The product we are using is from a different developer group so we figured permissions might be different. However when we had our UC4 admin look at folder level permissions, the person who added it to the schedule should have had rights to execute it because they have executed the product itself which also uses the include. In the short term, we had to create a different set of jobs for this one product which is actually in the folder that the product uses. Its like there is a folder structure barrier it can’t cross- hope that makes sense. 

Does anybody know what the next step would be to resolve this?