Question regarding the Oracle template used by Automic

Discussion created by AdrianaConstantinescu612312 on Jan 12, 2016
Hi All, We are using Automic 11.1.1 and Orcale Retail applications (RMS and RPM V 14.1). We installed Oracle template received for RA Retail Agent. We create a schedule with the template's workflows. We had run the Oracle batches and at the end of last 2 months we had an error concerning the hstmthupd batch (Monthly Stock on Hand, Retail and Average Cost Values Update). Investigating this error we could see the hstmthupd batch is part of Phase_3 workflow, IF_PHASE_3_EOM workflow. There is a logic for it? In Oracle Retail Merchandising System - Operations Guide it is mentioned that, the hstmthupd batch is part of Phase 8 (Monthly). Should we modify our schedule? Or the template received from Automic? Thank you for your answers. Kind regards, Adriana