how to implement this calendar frequency?

Discussion created by daryl.brown_ACI on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Pete Wirfs
Hello, Automic world!

We have a workflow that needs to be scheduled to run "every other Wednesday".  At the time we implemented it some months ago, that translated into using a weekly calendar definition of every 2 weeks, starting with week 2 and ending with week 54.  That all worked fine until this past month.  This workflow had been firing properly on Dec 9 and 23rd, and the next run should have been on Jan 6.  But the calendar definition caused the workflow to fire instead of Jan 13th and 27th (weeks 2 and 4), which means I'm now off by a week.

Now I know the help doc says this about weekly calendar definitions: "Note that the day calculation for the Calendar keyword is made separately for each year. The effect is that there can be gaps at the turn of a year because a year includes 52 or 53 weeks."

Still...is there any way to make a single calendar definition for "every other Wednesday" that doesn't have a 50% chance of getting fouled up at the start of every new year?  Or is my only recourse here to create an alternate definition (i.e., every 2 weeks starting with week *1* and ending with week 54), and updating the workflow's schedule from time to time?