RSET changes the value of my variables on a rerun?!

Discussion created by Lukas_Schreck_7448 on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by William_Chandler_1487
I have a question according the usage of :RSET.
We currently use Automation Engine V10.0.4
In a Unix-JOBS I use a jobinclude which sets a bunch of system-variables.
:SET &item# = 'asdf'
and different other script code.

The JOBS has "generate on runtime" enabled.

In the post-script of the same JOBS the &item# is overwritten with an other value using :RSET &item# = 'xyz' for a more specific value than the previous set one.
No problem when executed normaly. &item# is 'asdf' at first and then changed to 'xyz' how it is intended.

On an error there is a rerun machanism to restart the execution after 5 minutes.
Now some strange things happen:
The value of the &item# first is 'xyz' and than changed to 'asdf' according to the report of the JOBS.
The RSET prints itself into the report and changes its value from 'asdf' to 'asdf', so still no 'xyz'

Do you have any idea why this happens?
Is it still recommended to use :RSET at all?

Would using :PSET change anything here?

Thank you and greetings,
PS: Formatting text seems more difficult than I thought. Excuse this please.