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Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by laura_albrecht_automic
Am I the only one who is baffled by the way the new adaptive estimated run time feature was implemented in the AE Java User Interface? Starting with AE V11, one must specify, for each and every object variable, whether and how that variable should be used for adaptive ERT calculations. I find this implementation totally perplexing based on the following  two assumptions:
  • The vast majority of executable objects will not use ERT — adaptive or otherwise.
  • Among the small number of objects that use adaptive ERT, the vast majority of the objects’ variables will have no bearing on ERT calculations.
Wouldn’t it have been better to implement this the other way around — that is, to have a table on the Runtime tab wherein one can specify the name of one or more object variables that should be used for adaptive ERT calculations, and for each one, how it should be used? This would remove from the Variables & Prompts tab controls and elements that are almost always unneeded and distracting. It would eliminate extra manual steps for the creation of most object variables. And it would put controls for specifying the ERT-relevant variables on the Runtime tab, together with other controls related to ERT. I submitted this enhancement request to ideas.automic.com as PMPER-1124.