Transport and deployment Solution

Discussion created by Markus_Dragschitz_7339 on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by Jennifer_Jinhong_34
Hello, since more than 13 years I am waiting for a proper transport Solution to get Object for different projects from Dev via FAT and UAT Client to the Production. There is still no solution from Automic for this. Why? I have looked at the consulting transport solution but that is still only the half way. We have tough a lot of developing our own solution but I am still the opinion that such a solution should be part of a professional tool as AWA is. In a simple description we are thinking of a solution to build a list of objects for a release/project/solution/package in the development Environment. As soon as the developing is ready the developer could check out the package and every object and also the related Objects (including activated object via ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT and used Includes) will be exported each as a single xml file. Then the Files will be loaded to an subversion tool. From stage to stage it is easy to load a specific version of the produced packages.  We also have Ideas how to handle object used in several packages for example Includes. So why is Automic not providing there customer with an all in one Solution to handle there Automic deployment in a proper way. In the past when UC4 was only a better scheduler the transport Case was ok in most cases, but nowadays Automic is used as a Workflow Automation tool to solve complex tasks therefore the customer need a better Transport and Deployment tool for their AWA Objects.