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SQL to find jobs with oversized reports

Discussion created by Pete Wirfs on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by RonGates608562
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We discovered that if you send a really large report into UC4 that exceeds the MAX_REPORT_SIZE in the UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT variable, it doesn't tell you but it will silently discard the middle part of the report.  It keeps a couple of the last pages so you will still see your control totals at the bottom.  Rather clever, actually, but I sure would have liked to have known this was happening.

This led us to need to know what reports this has been happening to.  Here is the SQL statement I used to find those reports;

select oh_name as job_name      --, ah_timestamp1 as activation_time      , ah_timestamp2 as start_time      --, ah_runtime as runtime      , CONVERT(varchar, DATEADD(ms, ah_runtime * 1000, 0), 114) as runtime      , count(*) from uc4.dbo.rt    , uc4.dbo.ah    , uc4.dbo.oh where ah_timestamp1 > cast('20160201 00:00:00:000' as DATETIME) -- how far back in time and   ah_oh_idnr = oh_idnr and   rt_ah_idnr = ah_idnr and   oh_name <> 'APPUTILP' -- target agent group by oh_name, ah_timestamp1, ah_timestamp2, ah_runtime having count(*) > 1500 -- MAX_REPORT_SIZE in UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT order by 2;