Calendar Keywords

Discussion created by Loretta_Dease_7530 on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by FrankMuffke
I am wanting to stop using so many static keywords. Any suggestions on how I can code the below: 1) 2ND_SAT_MTH - Job runs the 2ND  Saturday of the month 2) 2ND_WKDY_NOV_SEP - Job runs the 2nd workday starting in November and ending in September. Job doesn't run in October. 3) COUPON_QRTLY - Job runs the 1st Wednesday of the February, May, August, November. 4) EXTNDALLOCM - Job runs every 4th Monday. If Monday's is a national holiday will run on Tuesday. 5) INMAR_EMAIL - Job runs last Wednesday of January, April, July, October.