Notification for Objects Stuck "Waiting" on Something

Discussion created by laura_albrecht_automic on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Jessica_Isaacson_255
Is anyone doing anything with notifications if objects are "waiting" for something too long?

I've been asked if teams can be notified upon failure of a job, which of course they can - however, they are also asking if an object is waiting (i.e. sync, parallel tasks, agent) for too long if there is a way they can be notified as well.

Since those situations aren't technically "failures" I don't see how you'd use the IF RC > 0 ELSE statement on the Runtime Tab of an object or the Result Evaluation per single Task field on the Attributes tab of a workflow.

I'm going to explore seeing I can display / alert on this somehow using Cockpits or scripting, but just wanted to see if anyone else has figured this out already.  I think their fear is that if an agent is down and for some reason the Operations Staff misses the notification for this and any other monitoring / auto restarting fails that they'd have processes waiting for extended periods of time causing issues.  That's a lot of ifs..... but just seeing if this type of notification / alert is possible.