Upgrading from version 10.0.2 to 11.2

Discussion created by Ramanujam_Paravastu_6362 on Mar 4, 2016
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Hello Everyone,

I am in the process of looking into upgrading Automic Engine from version 10.0.2 to 11.2.
The current version (V10.0.2) is running on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0 and running Oracle 11gR2 ( Standard version.  
Two clients (DEV and UAT) share a single AE.  PROD has its own AE.

We are looking to upgrade to 11.2 version of AE.  

The plan is to upgrade in parallel mode rather than in-place mode.  In the process migrate DEV client to 11.2 and check performance and find out issues if any.  Once everything is stable with DEV, then, migrate the UAT client to V11.2 

With a lot of changes implemented in 11.1 and 11.2 versions of AE, I am looking for guidance as to how to approach the migration.  Any pointers from the community would be very helpful.

Thanks a lot in Advance.