User Interface Installed on Citrix

Discussion created by laura_albrecht_automic on Mar 9, 2016
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Hi.  Does anyone out there have any experience / point of reference for installing the GUI on Citrix?  I'm in somewhat of a administration decision point here on how I'm going to distribute / manage the GUI to users.

1. "Package" up the UI (with Java) and have it managed by some software product so that users can download / install it themselves on their workstations.
2. Install the UI (with Java) to a Citrix farm / environment.  

Has anyone else been in this same point and chose one way or the other?  If so, how did you make your selection and do you have any lessons learned about it?

I'm getting asked a lot of questions from the Citrix team about how performance intensive Automic is, # of concurrent users, amount of space it needs (single install only seems to be about 30MB and Java 150MB), and how much memory each user would require (no idea).

Any thoughts / advice are appreciated.  At my last company we did have Automic installed to Citrix at one point, but it was horrible performance wise, so no one used it and we eventually removed it from there.