JMS Agent - Installation Location?

Discussion created by laura_albrecht_automic on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by laura_albrecht_automic
Trying to install / configure the JMS agent and I am slightly confused on where I need to install the agent.

I was under the impression that I could install it anywhere, so I just installed it to the AE server.  I watched the videos, etc. on how to install / start it up, etc. but now am getting to the point where I need to select a provider (Oracle Weblogic Server).  From the video I know that next I need to select / load the *.jar files for that provider, but this is where I am unclear.

Can the JMS admin simply send me the Oracle Weblogic Server jar files?  I can put these into a directory somewhere under the ./bin directory structure of the JMS agent and load them from there?

Or should the JMS agent be installed on HIS server?

I thought this was like the Oracle or DB agent where I only need to install 1 agent per system, but now I am wondering.