v8 DBMaint Client Reorganization task error

Discussion created by GordonHester607139 on Mar 22, 2016
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The maintenance workflow has worked for some time. Now the DBMaint Workflow is stopped with our Client1 Reorganization task failing. The Client 0 Reorg completes successfully just prior to the Client 1 failure.

Information from the Reorg Report : U0003525 ===> 'SELECT RH_AH_Idnr,RH_Type, RH_TimeStamp4, RH_ArchiveFlag, AH_OType, AH_SType, AH_Status, AH_Idnr, AH_OH_Idnr,AH_TimeStamp4 FROM RH, AH WHERE RH_AH_Idnr = AH_Idnr AND AH_Client = ? and AH_TimeStamp4 IS NOT NULL and AH_TimeStamp4 < ? and RH_DeleteFlag = 0'
20160320/204751.521 - U0033122 Error occurred in function <CollectRHAHIdnrAndType>
MsgNr: <3301> MsgInsert: <CollectRHAHIdnrAndType> Additional info: <>
20160320/204751.521 - U0003301 Could not allocate memory for 'CollectRHAHIdnrAndType'.

The SQL log doesn't show any entries related. My guess is that the recordset is just too large to handle. Has anyone seen this before?