Modify the system variable's value

Discussion created by AdrianaConstantinescu612312 on Apr 7, 2016
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Hi All,

We are using Automic version 11.1.1.
We have installed unix agent (and Oracle Retail agent) on 2 unix servers in cluster (RAC).
The Automation Engine is installed on Windows server.
We want to be able to restart the agent on the second server when the first server is down.

The variable &UC_IP_ADDR can show the IP address of the agent which is running the job.
In this job I want to test the agent's host alive or not and if it is the case to modify the value of system variable &UC_IP_ADDR with the IP value of the available server in cluster.
Is this scenario feasible or not?

How can I change the variable value &UC_IP_ADDR during the run of job?

Thank you for your answers,