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How do you configure agent "reports" for an NFS mount?

Question asked by laura_albrecht_automic on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by Harald_Heidinger_152
Hi.  I'm trying to configure an agent so that the reports go not to the default ./out directory, but to an NFS mounted directory.  I would like to do this so that these reports can be emailed from the Automation Engine and in order to do that - they need to be accessible from both AE's (we have 2).

When I point the agent to the ../out directory - it works fine.  But if I point it to the NFS mounted directory - it fails saying it is not the owner.

Since this is an NFS mounted directory the root folder is owned by nobody:other.  The automic subdirectory (and any other sub directories beneath that) are owned by the automic userid.  This is same as the directory structure of the location of the agent.  Other than the root directory there is owned by root:root.  I tried changing the NFS mounted directory to the same - root:root, but having issues.  Someone has told me that I need to rebuild the mount making root:root the owner - however another person has told me that an NFS mounted directory CAN'T be owned by root:root.  So as you can see there is some confusion here.

Additionally, had someone else tell me that the NFS mount needs to have nosuid set.  Currently it does not.  

Can anyone confirm the configuration for this on UNIX?  This isn't a huge deal, but it would be nice / convenient to have this.  I know I had this setup at my last company, but that was Linux not Solaris and I didn't set it up myself, so I'm not clear on the details.

Thanks in advance.