System return codes on DB

Discussion created by SimoneMartineschen607563 on Apr 14, 2016
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Hello All,

I'm looking for a way to search all the system status codes directly from the DB. I know that the table UC_ZUTYP contains some of them, but as long as I know, it only refers to "ENDED" stati. I would also like to collect the system return codes that are used during processing (example, genetaring, waiting for queue slot, registered, etc...).
I know that this list is available on the documentation and it would be very easy to put this information on a VARA object and consult from it (actually, already done it and using it perfectly  ;) - with the numeric return code as the key). I just want to make sure that, whatever the AE version I'll use in the future, my "stati list" will be correct and I can use the real info from the db to populate my metrics reports.

Anyone out there is using something like this or know the table(s) that could display this kind of data?

Thank you!